Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Week o' hell

It's been an extremely difficult week. An eye-opening week. A week where I think I truly realized the utter shittyness of human nature and of corporate America. A week that makes me want to isolate myself and my family, and seek protection. FAMILY COMPOUND. We'll grow our own vegetables and knit our own clothing and sing songs to each other for entertainment. Hippy lifestyle - I FINALLY GET IT! Goodbye career aspirations, HELLLOOOO spiritual awakening.

There's nothing like a week that just stares you in the face and says "You thought you were cynical before, well try this!" And then kicks you in the face.

For those of you who know what I'm talking about, all of your warm wishes, thoughts, prayers, and offers to buy iPhones are very much appreciated. This week has made me realize how lucky I am to have the people that I have in my life. And my family rules. They are amazing, supportive, and strong.

I'm out. Until next time....

1 comment:

katie said...

don't forget: you promised that the cats and i can move in when i lose my condo! i'm not entirely sure that i'm joking!