Friday, April 18, 2008

Pretty trees

It's such a crappy day outside. Totally gray and rainy...yet again. Even though I'm not in the mood to blog -- my coffee hasn't kicked in yet -- I'm thinking that my photos might cheer me up a bit.

On the weekends, Brian and I like to walk up to Golden Gardens park. Not to see the Puget Sound ocean, like most people -- but to watch the dogs at the dog park. On our recent weekend walks up there, I realized that our neighborhood has become intensely pink. There's one particular street -- actually I think it's our street, but up a little bit -- that is lined with pink cherry trees. They are all in bloom now (well I am sure the awful weather this week did some damage) and it's really really breathtaking.

Brian took this one, it's the best:

Even the dog park has a pink tree:


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Good-Grace said...

I love how the little girl's outfit matches all of the pink flowering tree's. so sweet.