Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to my new gardening blog

I feel like I'm always posting about plants but it's my new obsession so, get used to it.

I did so much yard work on Sunday that my body was actually sore yesterday. This doesn't mean much, however, because I am one of the laziest people I know.

The yard is looking great though. Brian edged the hell outa our lawn, it was pretty intense! And I got some pretty ground cover plants at Swanson's Nursery the weekend before last but since apparently we now live in Antarctica, I haven't had a chance to plant them until Sunday.

Here's the golden thyme, planted in the rock garden:

I actually kind of hate these white flower bush things. And the purple pansy things, ew, old lady station. But, I planted some succulents and the the tiny grass plant here on this corner:

And here, ladies & gentlemen, we have my favorite plant in our yard. I do not know what it is but it's gorgeous right now:

Also, we went to the tulip festival the weekend before last. The tulip fields were not in bloom yet (even though they usually are) because believe it or not, they're too wimpy to brave snow and ice storms. But the tulip garden featured a some blooms, and I took a few photos.

These are brave daffodils, not tulips:

Awe, Kodak moment!

And finally, two things you don't see everyday -- alpacas and wild turkeys:

And finally finally, Brian's mom bought us her favorite version of tulips, "Fabio," while we were at the tulip festival. We planted him upon our return back to Seattle. I had to take a picture of poor Fabio suffering in the snow storm last Friday night. There is something so terribly wrong with this picture:


Sarah said...

could be wrong, but that unknown plant's flowers look a whole lot like azaleas. they are a staple here in Houston and are beautiful!

Lacy Kemp said...

The snow made all of my flowers sad too. My peonies are droopy and my lillies are barely wanting to poke out from the ground. In fact, after last Saturday, I think they actually went back under!

Katie said...

i think the unknown pinks might be rhododendrons. i always thought they were azaleas too since those are all over the place down south but someone here told me they were rhodies....

Good-Grace said...

Oh my! Everything looks so gorgeous -- vibrant and healthy! And that golden thyme is beautiful. (I'll have to see if grows here in the frigid midwest.) I'm terribly envious of your landscaping.

And the tulips - so pretty when they are poking through the snow. (A regular springtime occurrence around here. bummer.)

Christa said...

Love the new jewelry! I'm totally going to come buy some at Revival!

Anonymous said...

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