Monday, February 23, 2009

Parties, baby showers and puppies

Things have been busy, as usual. I've been working too much. Not eating exceptionally well. Our house is messy and dirty. Our yard is starting to grow. And the cycle continues...

One highlight over the last couple of weeks was a great party at the new Engine Room at Georgetown Studios, newly acquired by our favorite neighbor (and talented photographer), Kathryn Barnard. Listen up Seattle -- this is the place to host your next party. It's amazing. Huge. Fun. And relatively inexpensive.

Also, Lindsay turned 30!

She and her husband joined us in Georgetown on the 14th, and the night somehow ended at Gainsbourg bar (great snacks, cocktails and music) in Greenwood with us chanting "Lynden for Life". Horrifying.

Another happy moment was the new addition of Shae to our extended family. Brian's parents picked up the 6-week (young!) shepadoodle mix a little over a week ago.

We also had a fun PUPPY PLAY DATE with Lacy's new baby, Roscoe. He is the sweeeeeeeetest thing ever. A little cattle dog lab mix. Oh he's darling.

I also went to a 30th birthday party of a very pregnant Nicole, where all of the guests were also pregnant -- followed by two baby showers. The last shower was this past Friday night, hosted by my beautiful mom, who created a lovely spread (including homemade coconut cupcakes) as per usual.

This was in honor of the soon-to-arrive baby Russell, who belongs to Gina, friend and accomplished caterer. (They're opening a restaurant a month after the baby arrives. Crazy? Ummm, yes.)

I also made this convertible necklace/bracelet, which is currently selling at Revival. Get it!

Next up is a long weekend in Scottsdale. Can't wait to meet Shae in person!