Sunday, April 27, 2008

This weekend's craft

I love the look of oxidized metal. I've purchased oxidized components plenty of times, and I've done it a few times in my metalsmithing class, but I hadn't played around with the technique at home yet until this weekend.

So, I had these vintage copper components that I wasn't sure what to do with -- I don't feel like raw copper is generally all that wearable.

So I mixed up a solution of liver of sulfer and let them soak. They were absolutely blackened when they came out of the mixture, but I brushed them with a brass wire brush until they were a nice, muted gray. With the larger hoops, I etched a scratchy surface on them. Then I paired them with some vintage Swarovski rhinestone and glass components, delicate 14K gold filled chain, and handmade hammered French ear wires. Here are the end results:

Much better!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shop for a good cause!

Seattle friends!
You are invited to Revival Home & Garden on Saturday evening, May 10th for a trunk show featuring a few jewelry designers including myself, as well as... other things (not sure exactly what).

10% of all sales will benefit the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

I'm trying to get busy, making some new things. Here are a couple examples of recent pieces.

This first pair are inspired by the 1920s (beware, I'm really fascinated by these days as of late) as well as the bright/bold contrasts in high fashion this spring:

I have no idea what my inspiration was for this necklace, I'm not gonna lie:

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to my new gardening blog

I feel like I'm always posting about plants but it's my new obsession so, get used to it.

I did so much yard work on Sunday that my body was actually sore yesterday. This doesn't mean much, however, because I am one of the laziest people I know.

The yard is looking great though. Brian edged the hell outa our lawn, it was pretty intense! And I got some pretty ground cover plants at Swanson's Nursery the weekend before last but since apparently we now live in Antarctica, I haven't had a chance to plant them until Sunday.

Here's the golden thyme, planted in the rock garden:

I actually kind of hate these white flower bush things. And the purple pansy things, ew, old lady station. But, I planted some succulents and the the tiny grass plant here on this corner:

And here, ladies & gentlemen, we have my favorite plant in our yard. I do not know what it is but it's gorgeous right now:

Also, we went to the tulip festival the weekend before last. The tulip fields were not in bloom yet (even though they usually are) because believe it or not, they're too wimpy to brave snow and ice storms. But the tulip garden featured a some blooms, and I took a few photos.

These are brave daffodils, not tulips:

Awe, Kodak moment!

And finally, two things you don't see everyday -- alpacas and wild turkeys:

And finally finally, Brian's mom bought us her favorite version of tulips, "Fabio," while we were at the tulip festival. We planted him upon our return back to Seattle. I had to take a picture of poor Fabio suffering in the snow storm last Friday night. There is something so terribly wrong with this picture:

Reasons why I love this photo

In order:

1.) It showcases my new antique drum table that I purchased off of Craigslist last Friday for $60. I love a good deal. Against Brian's will, I am trying to carefully integrate a few classic pieces into our home. I think it will provide some synergy with the whole traditional, 1948 vibe going on.

2.) It includes two of my most favorite people in whole world.

3.) They kind of look like they despise each other.

4.) Lindsay's black motorcycle jacket.

5.) The blooming pink Camelia tree poking out from the back!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pretty trees

It's such a crappy day outside. Totally gray and rainy...yet again. Even though I'm not in the mood to blog -- my coffee hasn't kicked in yet -- I'm thinking that my photos might cheer me up a bit.

On the weekends, Brian and I like to walk up to Golden Gardens park. Not to see the Puget Sound ocean, like most people -- but to watch the dogs at the dog park. On our recent weekend walks up there, I realized that our neighborhood has become intensely pink. There's one particular street -- actually I think it's our street, but up a little bit -- that is lined with pink cherry trees. They are all in bloom now (well I am sure the awful weather this week did some damage) and it's really really breathtaking.

Brian took this one, it's the best:

Even the dog park has a pink tree:


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My obsession with tufting

My favorite part about spring, like most people, is the fact that it's still light out at 7 pm. Tonight, like 5 minutes ago, it was particularly light. The sun was shining through the corner of our living room, and it was just so pretty that I had to take a picture. Then I realized that I hadn't bragged about my new deadstock 1960's tufted pillows that I got for $30 on Etsy yet!

My personal feeling lately is that everything should be tufted. That's not really true, because I saw these beds yesterday and thought "cellulite thighs," but in general, I do love love love tufting.

(Photo from House & Garden)

Anyway, the light was shining on my tufted pillows and I was inspired to share. First, this is the view outside of my window. Until recently (the whole time I've lived in this house) this was a very bare tree, and I just find it so charming with its new spring growth.

I'm starting to like this little corner of our home. I want to get a taller, skinnier pot to put that plant in, so it doesn't compete with the table. Those mid-century Danish modern chairs were recently recovered in ivory faux leather (a.k.a. slightly squeaky vinyl)....I've had those suckers for awhile so their makeover was a long time coming. We recently purchased that little gold mirrored top table from Revival Home & Garden, a wonderfully charming new home interiors store in Georgetown (that actually, thanks to CJ, will start carrying my jewelry -- as soon as I can sweat shop enough together for them. The Frank James trunk show wiped me out!)

Here's a small sampling of Revival H&G, which was recently featured in DailyCandy:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Can you Fed Ex enchiladas?

This sort of pains me to write this. But I think we found John y Betty's Seattle Mexican restaurant....just shy of two months after their frustrated and hungry selves picked up and left this town.

I've had my eye on this place for awhile, but they keep rather temperamental hours and it hasn't happened yet. Until Saturday evening.

The restaurant is to the right of this Cafe Fiore on the corner of 80th and 32nd Ave NW (it's about a 10 minute walk from our place):

And for the love of everything holy, it's so fantastic!!!! It's called Cocina Esperanza. It's been kickin' it near North Beach since 2003. They play terrible, terrible Mexican pop music. The chips are second rate and need a generous handful of salt, but other than that, it was outstanding.

Check this out. This was my soon-to-be-demolished cheesy enchilada dinner:

It came with pinto beans and roasted potatoes, and full cloves of roasted garlic. It was ridiculously good.

Here's Brian's Carne Asada. Hmmm, it looks way healthier than mine:

We also shared a really great pitcher of Sangria. It was probably the best Sangria I've had since my NYC days.

The restaurant is a perfect size for a birthday party, I have to see if they'll rent it out!!!!!

Tuggy... Buddy. I'm sorry that we failed in our search to locate the perfect Mexican food restaurant while you were here, but I guess that means you and the Shiba will have to visit soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sharing a "recipe"

I've been writing about the surgical treatments of hip dysplasia for the last hour and a half. I need a break.

My last post was depressing.

You have to try this recipe, let's call it ravioli with kalamata olives and pine nuts, for lack of a more interesting title. I made it up and it's easy and delish. The recipe is not very precise. I hate recipes.

First, go buy these raviolis. Rising Moon Organics, Basil, Asiago, Pine Nuts & Pesto. (Can ravioli be made plural?)

Boil 'em up. Simultaneously put these things in a saute pan:
  • Some olive oil
  • A reasonable amount of minced garlic
  • A few flakes of red pepper
  • A healthy smidgen of white truffle oil, yum

....Over like, let's say, medium heat.

Also, toast up some pine nuts. Watch them carefully because they burn easily.

When the raviolis are done, toss all ingredients together and add a handful of feta.

It's really good. This photo does not do it justice. It's really really good.

Week o' hell

It's been an extremely difficult week. An eye-opening week. A week where I think I truly realized the utter shittyness of human nature and of corporate America. A week that makes me want to isolate myself and my family, and seek protection. FAMILY COMPOUND. We'll grow our own vegetables and knit our own clothing and sing songs to each other for entertainment. Hippy lifestyle - I FINALLY GET IT! Goodbye career aspirations, HELLLOOOO spiritual awakening.

There's nothing like a week that just stares you in the face and says "You thought you were cynical before, well try this!" And then kicks you in the face.

For those of you who know what I'm talking about, all of your warm wishes, thoughts, prayers, and offers to buy iPhones are very much appreciated. This week has made me realize how lucky I am to have the people that I have in my life. And my family rules. They are amazing, supportive, and strong.

I'm out. Until next time....