Sunday, April 27, 2008

This weekend's craft

I love the look of oxidized metal. I've purchased oxidized components plenty of times, and I've done it a few times in my metalsmithing class, but I hadn't played around with the technique at home yet until this weekend.

So, I had these vintage copper components that I wasn't sure what to do with -- I don't feel like raw copper is generally all that wearable.

So I mixed up a solution of liver of sulfer and let them soak. They were absolutely blackened when they came out of the mixture, but I brushed them with a brass wire brush until they were a nice, muted gray. With the larger hoops, I etched a scratchy surface on them. Then I paired them with some vintage Swarovski rhinestone and glass components, delicate 14K gold filled chain, and handmade hammered French ear wires. Here are the end results:

Much better!


weird science said...

you're right- i don't know anyone who wears copper except for old ladies w/ arthritis. the end result is much better- girl, you so clevah!

Lacy Kemp said...

I love it! I want the earrings! How much!

Anonymous said...

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