Saturday, September 8, 2007

World's smallest cat

We already have three cats, which on some days is beyond disgusting, but Mr. Peebles would be welcome to come live with us any day.

Friday, September 7, 2007

This is how much I love navy

Arguably the nerdiest and funnest Friday night activity I've ever done.


It' s hard to think about spring just yet - I'm getting so excited that it's finally cooling off at night and fall is on its way - but I was looking at Fashion Week photos today, and well, I just wanted to post some to-die-for outfits.

I'm really happy to see that navy is going to be in next spring because somehow, all of the sudden, it has become my new favorite color. I am way over the sailor/boating phenomenon but I am loving navy in non-nautical ways.

I wore a completely navy outfit today. Navy shirt, navy pants, navy toe nails. This probably breaks every fashion rule somehow, but I get kind of obsessed with things.

Anyway, on to Fashion week. Here's some pretty outfits, some of them showcasing the glory of navy.

Adam Adam Lippes:

Gen Art: (I love this cream dress, below)

Karen Walker:

Rag & Bone:

Lela Rose (by far my favorite of everything I've seen):

What is this scratchy graphic fabric called? I love it.

Jeremy Laing:

Okay, and these next two are also Lela Rose and Jeremy Laing , respectively, but they deserve a special call out because they are so beautiful they made me shudder:

I love a classy lady.

It's gone too far

I apologize for any of my crafty readers who may be frenziedly sewing tiny vehicles out of scraps of vintage fabric, but come on, this is one of the grossest displays of guerilla marketing that I've ever seen.

I can just imagine the brainstorm session.

Ok, what IS the personality of the Scion?

Independent, young, 20-something. Girl or guy. Creative. Shops at boutiques. Uses Etsy. Doesn't like to feel marketed to.

Okay, GREAT! Go team! So, how can reach them them?

Oooh oohh! I have an idea! Let's create a crafting challenge! Crafting types will have the opportunity to win a free car by creating a creative replica of their car! We can have boutique owners all across the country be the judges!

Yeah! Yeah! We can all it "Craft My Ride."

WHAT!?!?? I think I just barfed a little.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A weekend trip to the cabin

This past weekend, Jenn, Brian and I went on an adventure; we took the ferry to Kingston to visit my grandparents at their cabin. Jenn and I used to go there a ton during the summers as kids, but we hadn't been back for at least five years.

Suzi loved the ferry!

She also loved the beach!

It was great to see my grandparents, who are nearing 90 years old and are still maintaining two houses by themselves! We were served a very interesting 4th grade lunch consisting of stale bread, peanut butter and jelly, homemade pickles, root beer, thinly sliced pre-packaged ham, an unidentifiable white cheese, and milk.

Old people are funny. My grandma made herself a peanut butter sandwich and then put a ton of iceburg lettuce on it. Her peanut butter sandwich crunched when she ate it! Weird. And then Grandpa made a sandwich with ham and white cheese, coating one side of the bread with tarter sauce and the other side with oyster sauce. "Oyster sauce beats ketchup any day!" he exclaimed. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they weren't even related.

Anyway, I was reminded how my grandma is the original Martha Stewart. Look at this little cabin she made years ago out of driftwood, stones, sand, and found pieces of glass. I love it so much, I wish I lived there!

That's it, just a post full of cuteness.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Husband to the rescue!

What is it like to wake up in the middle of the night to a blazing fire outside of your bedroom window? Well let me tell you!

On Sunday morning at 4 a.m., our Lower Queen Anne recycling bin was the victim of a ruthless, brutal torching. It didn't deserve it, the poor little guy.

I woke up to 15 foot flames that were spreading like wild fire, so to speak. It was another one of those moments lately where I haven't been so great under pressure. Brian had fallen asleep on the couch, so I shrieked his name and he stumbled over, muttered some expletives, and told me to call 911.

First he tried filling our kitchen garbage can with sink water but it didn't make a dent in the fire, and it was spreading fairly quickly amongst the leaves and brush. Then he remembered that we have this shoddy garden hose along the side of the building; luckily it was long enough to extend to the fire, and within 10 minutes or so, the fire had subsided.

As the fire was dying down, we heard the fire trucks drive right by our house. I ran down to the street and flagged them down.

Frat boy central! They ran up the hill to the fire and said things like, Dude!!!!!! One of the guys let us know that there's no way they'd ever be able to get a fire truck up my driveway. Plan B! They asked if they could borrow Brian's garden hose.

Once they stomped around on the embers for awhile, a couple of them started expanding upon the heretofore sophisticated conversation with small bits, such as, So this is 626, and next door is 630? Huh. Nice place you got up here, eh? This is great!

One time the station checked in on on us via walky talky: What up, man!?

Then one of the firemen turns to Brian and says, Second dumpster fire in this area tonight - do you think it's arson?

But being as he just finished up fighting the fire, he didn't have enough time to conclude his investigation.

What do you all think?

Oh, by the way, it's REALLY FREAKY to wake up to a fire blazing outside your bedroom window.