Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My obsession with tufting

My favorite part about spring, like most people, is the fact that it's still light out at 7 pm. Tonight, like 5 minutes ago, it was particularly light. The sun was shining through the corner of our living room, and it was just so pretty that I had to take a picture. Then I realized that I hadn't bragged about my new deadstock 1960's tufted pillows that I got for $30 on Etsy yet!

My personal feeling lately is that everything should be tufted. That's not really true, because I saw these beds yesterday and thought "cellulite thighs," but in general, I do love love love tufting.

(Photo from House & Garden)

Anyway, the light was shining on my tufted pillows and I was inspired to share. First, this is the view outside of my window. Until recently (the whole time I've lived in this house) this was a very bare tree, and I just find it so charming with its new spring growth.

I'm starting to like this little corner of our home. I want to get a taller, skinnier pot to put that plant in, so it doesn't compete with the table. Those mid-century Danish modern chairs were recently recovered in ivory faux leather (a.k.a. slightly squeaky vinyl)....I've had those suckers for awhile so their makeover was a long time coming. We recently purchased that little gold mirrored top table from Revival Home & Garden, a wonderfully charming new home interiors store in Georgetown (that actually, thanks to CJ, will start carrying my jewelry -- as soon as I can sweat shop enough together for them. The Frank James trunk show wiped me out!)

Here's a small sampling of Revival H&G, which was recently featured in DailyCandy:


Anonymous said...
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Christa said...

Your home looks so pretty! I'm glad your jewelry will be at Revival!!

Good-Grace said...

Oh my gosh! Those pillows look divine... they obviously found the perfect home! And the nook looks so chic - yet totally cozy... like a perfect spot to read the paper and have an iced coffee.

Anonymous said...
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