Tuesday, March 25, 2008

While cooking...

Tonight I am making roast chicken covered in a fresh rosemary and garlic paste, and a rice salad with kalamata olives, feta, and a lemon vinigarette. It's going to be delicious. Sometimes I really outdo myself.

While waiting for things to cook themselves up, I uncovered these super depressing stats that I was compelled to share.

Work by the numbers:

3% - Although worker productivity rose by nearly 20 percent since 2000, the real median hourly wage rose by just 3 percent.

3 - Census data shows that earnings of full-time, year-round workers in 2006 dropped for the third year in a row.

21% - Nationally, jobs in industries that are growing pay 21 percent less than those in industries that are declining.

+3% - Since 2000, the Consumer Price Index rose by nearly 3 percent a year, leaving workers with considerably less buying power.

-8% - For America's younger workers, the picture is even worse. From 2001 to 2004, median income fell 8 percent for householders under 35.

-4.2% - As of 2006, the median income of working-age families was down 4.2 percent since 2000, a loss of $2,375 in 2006 dollars.

50% - Only about half the workforce is offered and participates in health or retirement plans through their employer.

Our generation is effed. I should probably make a decision right here right now to not think about slash seek out this kind of information anymore.



katie said...

can't wait to start a new job search!!

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey I love ur blog. Would u like to link

Fashion Ivy said...

I've linked u

Good-Grace said...

Good Lord. Interesting stats. Where in the world did you find this plethora of info? (I have to ask b/c when I go rattle this stuff off to my conservative husband, he's going to ask me to back it up... the turd.)

kristafaye said...

I found them at an admittedly left-leaning organization called Qvisory (www.qvisory.org). Personally I feel the issues are true - from anecdotal evidence, it certainly seems harder to "make it" in this day and age.