Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm actually extremely over all things bird, HOWEVER, I'm making jewelry for a wedding and swallows are part of her theme, so right now I have millions of these little brass swallows laying around my jewelry room. So, I thought I'd design a pair of bird earrings for spring. I like the vintage rhinestone connectors a lot...they are really pretty and sparkly in person.

This got me to thinking about bird jewelry and how ubiquitous it is. Birds and owls and fawns and stuff like that. It can cute -- but way way over done.

Anyway, here's some bird inspired jewelry that I actually like -- or at least find interesting. Maybe I'm not really into wearing these things personally, but I think they're sweet, unique...or something.

The material is what makes these next two stand out. Who makes porcelain jewelry!?!? That's just crazy. These pieces are made by Lladro, a Spanish porcelain company that's been around since the 50's.

This next necklace is interesting because of the way it's constructed. She hand-formed the bird shape out of wire and then wire wrapped the entire thing with fine gauge gold wire.

Bird and flower necklace by Orange Poppy, $46.00.

This next necklace, by Seattle designer Amy Bengston, drives me nuts actually -- it's the epitome of overdone bird jewelry, to me -- but I am so interested in how you can carve so delicately. It MUST be stamped out. There's no way in hell she could mass produce these with such accuracy. I'm very interested in how designers make things that look handmade that really aren't.

Ok, and I have to say, I secretly really enjoy admiring Amy Ruppel prints, so this collab is interesting.

New Amy Bengston/Amy Ruppel jewelry:

I don't really have a lot to say about this next bird piece, except for that I've never really seen anything like it, and it sort of proves that you really don't have to have good ideas to be a jewelry designer. It's all marketing, folks.

Bling rings by Blanc & Reed, $30.

Ok and last but not least, these are sweet little earrings made by somebody on Etsy, and the thing that I most like about them is the romantic vintage pearl component, and also the fact that she alternated the green flower from top to bottom. These I can swallow. (Get it?! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhaa.)

Pearl Swallow Earring, Etsy, $49.00

Enough sweetness! My next post will have to be about huge, tough studded cuff bracelets. Bye for now.

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