Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peter Jennings (the cat)

It's official. Peter Jennings needs a new home.

Many of you know this funny cat. He is a real weirdo.

My friend Carrie rescued him from a homeless girl as a 7 week old kitten - the rest of his litter were tortured and killed. He's had a hard life. And now he is making my life hard.

Ok here's the situation. He HATES living with other cats. And one day I found myself living with 3 cats. This is not only too many for one house, but it's too many for Peter Jennings. He is begging for a one-cat owner - someone with a yard. Someone who will let him run free, feed him daily, and give him high-fives. He is a hard hitting journalist. He doesn't have time for emotional moments. He loves to catch rodents and be crazy.

Anyone have any ideas?


1 comment:

Lacy said...

I am committed to finding Peter Jennings a home! I love him!