Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paint dilemma

So this week, we decided to paint our dining room a bright color to, in my mom's words, "inspire appetite, and conversation."

Brian painted Benjamin Moore's Tangerine Dream up in a few places on our walls and I can't quite get used to it. It's so drastic, and without any real furniture or window coverings in there, it almost looks like we're teenagers with a wild-haired idea.

I was inspired by this amazing photo of a room designed by LA-based interior designer Jarrett Hedborg (excuse my off-centered scan/crop, which really impedes on the symmetrical beauty of this room). The wall color pictured here is Tangerine Dream.

I just love the retro 1940's look, which could really work well in our 1948 home. The problem is, one of the reasons this looks so awesome is the bold contrast -- provided by the dark rug, the lime green couch, the bright yellow lamps. And it's probably rather important that they have two huge and rather neutral pieces of framed art. To date, we essentially have nothing in our dining room, so Tangerine Dream might look extremely bizarre. Should we do it, and risk looking like (temporary) fools?


Lacy Kemp said...

I always think you should try a color. It's only paint. You can always paint over it.. What about just doing an accent wall in that color?

Caitlin said...

I say, "Go for it!" also!