Monday, February 25, 2008

A Ballard walk

This weekend was so gorgeous. We took a walk down to the Ship Canal, and I took my camera along. I don't pretend to be a great photographer but I will share some of the better ones, anyway. I love Ballard!

Cherry trees!

65th Street:

37th Ave NW:

I like the way they modernized this 1950's brick home with the rock and pig wire railing:

Road that leads down to the Ballard Locks. This a bridge for the train:

I'm pretty sure this is the little beach house on the canal, where my uncle John and aunt Sharon are moving in June (guess where I'll be hanging out!?):

This is where the ship canal enters into the Puget Sound:

Below is my neighbor's crazy tree. I'm dying to know what kind it is. It was gigantic, and really really weird looking.

Ok, that's it for now. Sorry there hasn't been another continuation of the Spring Jewelry Trends post like I promised. They are still coming but instead of researching jewelry, I've finally been back to making it!


Alishia said...

It's a Monkey Tail Tree. Or something like that. I think they're protected Personally, I don't like them. Somebody must like them enough to get them protected.

katie said...

yeah, i've heard them called monkey puzzle trees before. they are crazy looking!

Erin said...

Krista Faye Kenner! I just saw your write up in the knot! I am so happy that you found such a nice guy and had a lovely wedding! Congratulations on your marriage!

Those Monkey tail trees are around here in Norway. They are pretty special looking amidst the more typical flora and fauna.

Are you living in Ballard? I would love for you to meet my little sister, who is also living there. She can take you with her and her dog to the dog park!

Get in touch, would be great to say hey. Erin

Erin said...

Lynch, by the way! I should have signed my last name there... :-)