Monday, February 18, 2008

I've got spring on the brain

Happy President's Day! I wish that I could share in everybody's joy of having the day off, but unfortunately I have a marketing plan to write, an op-ed to write, and a client meeting. Yuck. Sometimes I do miss the days of a 9-5 with guaranteed holidays and paid time off.

Another sunny day though...I am loving this change in weather. We went up to Bellingham this weekend to visit my mom. The weather was gorgeous and the temperature was surprisingly warm. In these long, rainy winters, I find it easy to forget about Washington's scenery. The drive home yesterday was just beautiful. Snow on the tops of every mountain, bright sun, blue sky. I wish I would have brought my camera along.

Here are a couple other photos that I'll share instead, from a similarly sunny day. This is Shilshole Bay/Marina, just underneath the bluff that's a few blocks away from our home. The water was so blue this day!

I'm loving our new neighborhood, it's so quiet and friendly. I like our little block, and think I will like most of our neighbors -- who I'm sure we'll get to know come gardening season. I'm noticing that the grass in our yard is slowly beginning to grow though, and I'm really intimidated by the amount of yard work that's staring us in the face. As soon as spring breaks, our weekends will no longer consist of sleeping in late, making brunch, and having a lazy day of making jewelry and watching sports. But, I'm looking forward to the unexplainable satisfaction that gardening can bring, and I'm glad that Brian's dad is excited about teaching me how to care for things. Our yard is just crazily packed with fully mature plants and trees of every variety. It will be interesting to learn the intricacies of each one.

Ok, back to work now.

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Anonymous said...

bellingham marine built shilshole marina! that is our patented unifloat (concrete floating dock) system. i know you care. go marinas! love, lindsay