Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reader challenge

Hey, everybody!

I am having the most difficult time finding shoes for fall. This has a lot to do with my miniature-sized feet (5), but it also has to do with what I want to wear on a regular basis. The fashion gods must think I have outlandish criteria, because I'm starting to feel like it simply doesn't exist (at least not for less than $400).

What do I want, you ask? I want a pair of awesome shoes that I can throw on with a million different outfits. I don't want anything that rain can soak through. I don't want the ubiquitous tall heels. (Wedges are okay.) I'm skeptical of the lace-up phenomenon. I want a pair of shoes that goes with jeans, mostly. Something I can walk in -- while not looking like a hideous hippy.

My challenge is. Well, I want to know what you all wear when you need a casual pair of shoes for fall and winter. Think practical, but cute. Tell me what you wear, take a photo of your own shoes, or steal one off the internet.

Here is your inspiration. Miu Miu, Buckle Strap Maryjane, $385. I am in looooove.

Have fun!

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