Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A lazy weekend, finally

We’ve been back from our honeymoon for over two weeks, but this past weekend was the first that pointed towards the fact that life, post-wedding, is finally getting back to normal.

After we got home from Maui, I spent a good portion of a week getting my life back in order. While we were staying in Maui, somebody must have had a keystroke (or something) installed on the lobby computer where I checked my e-mail, because soon after, I was locked out of my gmail account, and nearly $600 was stolen from me through PayPal. I got the money back, but I’m still clearing up PayPal issues. I know that because I bought these amazing, vintage, faux lace up boots on Ebay a couple days ago and haven’t been able to pay for them yet. (They are, in my opinion, a cuter take on the whole lace up phenomenon):

Anyway, it took the better part of a week. And then there were soooo many gifts to open (I’m not complaining) but that wasn’t even the time consuming part. Then the question was, Where do we put them? We are crammed into a 600 square foot apartment for the time being, so we have to get really creative. I went to Storables with my mom and bought this shelving unit for our kitchen. I’m pretty happy with it; it fits rather perfectly in an awkward little space, and we were able to make it tall enough for a bunch of shelves:

So, I finally feel like my life is more on track and organized. Which brings me back to the weekend part. So this weekend was the first time we woke up one day and were able to look at each other and say, Hey hon, what do you want to do today?

I never knew how much I’d appreciate that precious question!

We had an early afternoon brunch at Hi-Life in Ballard, and then wandered into a couple of good shops: Blackbird and Olivine. Brian of course didn’t find anything (amongst the $500 cotton hoodies? Who would have guessed.) but I found a cute casual tunic by C&C California (thank you, Brian):

It’s really nothing all that special but I’m really paring my clothing decisions down to comfortable, cotton options that aren’t hideous. (I hope I haven’t lowered my expectations too much.) The thing is, because I’ve started my own business, I can do the majority of my work from home in whatever I want. I honestly think this is one of the greatest perks so far. That said, I have to beware that I don’t become a hideous holed up housewife. Therefore, I can justify spending (Brian's) money on a just-okay, comfortable tunic in a color (purple!) that’s supposedly Hot for Fall.

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lindsay said...

are those boots vintage? who are they made by? They are switched on, baby!
oh and that storable thing is totally awesome. That's just what your kitchen needed.