Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jewelry trends

So I’ve been doing some research on fall accessories trends. I’m not really one to put this much thought in my own personal style – I tend to accidentally start wearing a trend. And that doesn’t mean that I’m THAT cool that I actually just happened to wear what’s in. What I mean is, I don’t pay any attention and then I'll just start liking and wearing something, and then I’ll see it in a magazine as the new hot trend, and I’ll be like “cool!” But I’m sure it’s osmosis, and my lack of conscious attention to most things. Rose gold is that trend for me right now. I’m not sure it’s a trend, I haven’t seen it in a magazine yet – but I have my bets on rose gold being the new hot thing. It’s so snazzy!

Anyway, this long intro is really leading to the fact that, as a jewelry bizwoman, I thought I should pay more attention to this fall’s trends before I start frantically making things. I’m excited to be taking a metal smith class this fall, but with this venture, my investment into jewelry making will certainly be more substantial. So I need to get smart about what people want.

Here’s what I’ve found – I thought I’d share and then get your feedback on what all you all like right now for jewels.

Fall and winter jewelry trends:

  • Jewelry is going to be big and more extreme than recent years – jewelry will play more of a role in fashion (yay!).
  • Semiprecious beads, such as black onyx and smoky quartz (which I personally LOVE). Amethyst Geodes, and other beautiful split stones. I also think citrine might be big, but this might be my own opinion. I think it’s beautiful.

Kris Nations, $70,

  • Still a lot of bone, wood, and natural clay beads. Animal prints and animal motifs - mostly tribal.

Gomeagan, Driftwood Etched Brass Flower Necklace, $22,

Sprout Jewelry, Purple Snakeskin and Sterling Silver Circle Earrings, $14 (!!!),

Kenneth Jay Lane, Zebra print earrings, $62,

Mesi Jilly, Shell and Silver Onyx ring, $800,

  • The always classic pearl will be integrated into jewelry design.

Starry Designs, Oxidized Doves Nest Pearl Ring, $26,

GoMeagan, Eggs Nest Ring, $12,
  • Big chunky vintage-inspired cocktail rings (circa 1940's and 50's), as well as tiny stackable rings, and rings with organic texture.

Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring, $49,

David Yurman, 18K Modern Cushion Ring (Citrine), $3950,

My wedding bands, not for sale. But created at Seattle's best custom jewelry shop, Greenlake Jewelry Works

White Metal, Gold Coil Ring, $180,

  • Also, bracelets are huge this year - especially chunky bangles and cuffs, and delicate chain/link bracelets.

Kenneth Jay Lane, Enamel Insects Cuff, $150,

Kimberly Baker, Ziggy Bracelet, $175,

  • Necklaces will range from choker length to long – but large pendants is the key.
  • Earring styles will vary, but apparently big loops and circles are still fabulous.

Orno, Circular Zebrawood Earrings, $38,

Shiny and oxidized sterling silver hoops w/ hand forged ear wires, $38,

  • Sterling silver will be big this winter. Also metallics. I also think mixing metals (gold, silver, ROSE GOLD) is super cute right now.

Juicy Couture, Dirty Glam Torsade Necklace, $178,

  • Feathers!!! Crests and badges and anything ornate. Big hearts.

Fat Free, Feather Earrings, $59,

Telee Couture, Peacock Pearl Drops, $17.99,

Kimberly Baker, Gwendolyn, $298,

  • The Asian look. Tigers, dragons, and intricately carved things.

Opulent Pearly Pagoda Earrings, $28,

  • Lace and cameos. (I am not sure about this…but okay.) And apparently people are still hung up on keys, locks, and lockets.

Thanks for listening to me blabber, while getting inspired for my future designs. So now I'm curious what everyone is into wearing, in terms of jewelry, lately. Speak up!


lindsay said...

ohhhh fun post.
well, you already know that most of my jewelry is vintage. I love anything high-end, old, that is 18k gold- vintage cameo rings, vintage claddagh rings. Actually, I'm betting that the Claddagh ring is going to make a comeback- I could see young, high end designers doing a fresh take on that design.
I got a deadstock, 18k gold, dainty little 1970's ankle bracelet off ebay- i was going to bring back the ankle bracelet this summer. Davey strongly objected.
Hmmm... what else. Georg Jensen 60s sterling is always great- or anything of a similar style. And you already know i'm obsessed with 18k gold charms from London, c1960. (preferably interactive)
OK there you go!

anne rush said...

hi there, great post on trends. its not often i see one that really focuses just on the jewelry for those of us in the biz! anne

Tammy Stowe said...

Nice post - I can't find that "gold coil ring" on etsy at all! If you can find it there and comment back, that'd be awesome...I love that ring.

Alex Quinn 82 said...

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Anonymous said...

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