Monday, June 30, 2008

Somebody buy this

I saw this necklace today on the homepage of Etsy and was inspired to post it. It's so interesting - reminds me of my wedding necklace a bit. It would be awesome for a dressy occasion. I want somebody I know to buy it!!

Here's my wedding necklace (made by Carolyn Attal in Scottsdale, AZ) that I loved so much.

It's weird how now that I make jewelry, I am attracted to different things. A year ago, this necklace (Etsy necklace) probably would have been "too much" for me to handle, but now I have a big appreciation for intricate details.

I took a clois0nne enameling class a couple weeks ago and had a great time. Basically it involves bending thin wire to whatever design you wish (with as few separate pieces of wire as possible), and filling the design with tiny chards of glass, and then firing it in a kiln. Over and over again. It took ALL weekend to make this:

It's not without it's imperfections (the last firing made it turn yellow for some reason!) but I ended up oxidizing it to give the branches more contrast.

Enameling is fun, and it's this particular class at Danaca Design is the type of class that total beginners can take. I highly recommend it.

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