Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Danish Modern Couple

I'm very skeptical of people who design their homes with only one type of style. For instance, there's The Pottery Barn Couple who only decorates in dark masculine woods and poufy couches, or the Hollywood Regency Girl who obsesses over faux bamboo, or the French Country Lady who primarily displays roosters and slightly irregular glazed bowls (oh wait, that's my mom, tee hee).

Well you guys, I am afraid that we're becoming the Newly Married Danish Modern Couple. Noooo!

Yes, we are.

We recently purchased this beautiful table from Craigslist for only $300 so I couldn't pass it up.

But seriously - we already have a Danish modern credenza and two recently recovered Danish modern arm chairs.

Then we also installed this mid century light fixture above our stairway landing.


I am kind of liking these chairs that are currently on eBay..... mostly because they are simple, would match the table, and the upholstery would match the 1958 EAMES ERA dining room window panels (sheesh). But seriously, tell me to stop!

I gravitate towards more feminine pieces, whereas Brian is more modern - but we have found a safe haven, if you will, in Danish Modern. I like it because it has clean lines without sacrificing warmth.

But enough is enough! Somebody needs to put a moratorium on this!


Furniture Philosopher said...

I think all design is good as long as it's thoughtfully executed. And clearly, you are putting thought into it. The person who buys all their furniture at Ikea really isn't putting much thought into their home and it will show.

I don't think the problem with interiors is "too much ____" (danish modern, deco, regency..)it's more a matter of good design and bad design in how its executed.
Buying all your furniture in one store is boring, but I see nothing wrong with gravitiating toward a particular style of home interior! :)

Krista said...

thank you, "furniture philosopher".

Good-Grace said...

nah... I don't think there are enough "danish modern" lovers out there. (versus the PB lovers, etc...) Your home is beaUtiful... fresh and classic all rolled into one.

jmgb said...

my favorite part of your dining room is the blue painters tape that is hanging from your ceiling....

kinda reminds me of the pencil diamonds that i drew on my kitchen door two months ago that i yet to paint in...nesting; lazying; designing.

Krista said...

wow, attention to detail.
just wait a few weeks... orange grass cloth coming soon! :)

Cameron said...

that table makes me happy.

christine said...

well, if you had to stick with one genre, Danish modern isn't a bad one! If you just go for whatever you like and put your own touch on it, it will look personalized no matter what.

Thanks for the comment...I love finding other young cute married girls! You wedding pictures = my dream wedding if I had had a bigger budget, especially your dress & jacket!
I didn't ride horses though, just lots of piano & cross country :)

sudha said...

oooooh! Swell~