Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We recently got back from a little getaway to Scottsdale, where we visited Brian's lovely parents. The weather was pretty chilly (with the exception of Saturday) but somehow it still feels like vacation, as long as there's a pool and palm trees.

The Lodis family recently added Shae the shepadoodle (German Shepherd / Standard Poodle mix) to the family. At 9 weeks, she's as cute as ever -- and has far surpassed Bean's manners, already.

She likes to sleep right next to (in) her water dish.

One day we went to Sodona, which was absolutely gorgeous. When we got there, I had an appointment with Claudia the pyschic! My first visit to a psychic! Oddly enough, she called out many rather specific things about my life and personality. She knew my mom was ill, she knew Brian had lower back pain, she knew I was self-employed. I don't really understand it...but it was fun!

Our next trip on the books is Austin for the Chrissy and Danny nuptials. So excited!

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