Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finley's first cupcake

My friend Justyn's baby, Finley, turned one today. They had a sweet birthday brunch celebration.

Brian and I overslept, and recovered from mild hangovers (thanks to copious amounts of delicious sangria last night) as we raced up to Edmonds -- without a gift! -- to celebrate her special day. Just like any lonely, thoughtless, childless couple would.

Our lack of preparation and planning doesn't imply that we don't LOVE FINLEY MORE THAN ANY BABY ON THIS EARTH! She is so so so cute. I'm legitimately thankful that my kids aren't born yet so they don't have to compete.

I loved the progression of her first cupcake. (And it really seemed like she completely knew what was going on--that this celebration was for her.)

All done!


Finley said...

You silly! You don't need to get Finley a present. Seriously, I feel kinda funny about the whole "gifts for 1 year olds on their birthdays" anyway. I mean, she doesn't know the difference (much as I like to think she's INCREDIBLY bright).

You did, however give Finley her absolute favorite thing ever - Bunny. I frankly don't think anyone can top that at this point.

And you also looked totally stylin - Brian too. Can't say the same for Bean, but I'm sure she's rockin the cone look.

Anonymous said...

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