Sunday, December 21, 2008

This weather is nuts

Today a man skied by our house!

Last night, as the snow was accumulating, I really began to think that the dinner party that my college girlfriends and I had planned weeks ago wasn't really going to happen, but everyone with the exception of Nicole (who lives way out near Bothell) rallied and managed to get here. We had a nice time catching up, and I'm so glad because Seta, from Chicago, is only here once or twice a year.

They all stayed the night, we freaked Brian out by talking about periods, and then borrowed shovels to dig Seta's car out from a pile of snow.

It's still snowing here, and apparently the weather guys predict another 5 inches tonight. I know most people are stir crazy but I'm actually enjoying this, as it has provided me my first days off during the middle of the week in at least a year.

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Lacy Kemp said...

I've loved every second of it too! It's just so beautiful. I guess I'm lucky I can work from my PJs!!!