Friday, September 19, 2008

Meet Bean!

In some ways, I've been purposely avoiding my blog. I kind of got sick of it. But also, I've been incredibly busy with work. Which is good. When you're self-employed, you need to relish the times when you have too much work.

Because I've been so busy though, I've really had nothing interesting or blog-worthy to talk about. This all changed this week when we flew to North Carolina to pick up our new puppy!

Bean is a Redbone Coonound from the south. We've secretly promised to only talk to her in a southern drawl.

There were many cute puppies, but we knew exactly which one to pick when she curled up - literally - and fell asleep in my arms.

The North Carolina countryside was beautiful, and her breeder, Sam and his wife, Kim, from Rebel Red Kennels couldn't have been better hosts. His farm and the surrounding area in Lincolton, N.C. is absolutely idyllic -- straight out of a movie, or a Norman Rockwell painting.

So far, so good. Bean slept through 10 hours and two flights back to the west coast, and she even sleeps through the nights in her crate next to our bed. She loves crawling in the fireplace, and sleeping with her nose tucked in between your head and your neck -- no matter what position you are in.

We are in love.


Alishia said...

A hunting dog for some West Coast Democrats! It's good to see you liberally spread love.

Lacy Kemp said...

So, I'm in love with Bean. I need to take her on a date. We'd run, splash in the lake, snuggle in the sun and maybe even bark at a few chickens. Seriously. I'll be the best fake Autie she could ever ask for!