Monday, December 17, 2007

We have moved!

We are all moved in! There's boxes everywhere, but the main furniture is in place, cable is hooked up, and things are starting to come together. I am astounded at how much SPACE we finally have!

Thank you a million times over to Katie, Joan, Chrissy & Danny (<--who worked especially hard!) for helping us move in on Saturday. As my mom said, "You know you have good friends when they help you MOVE."

A few things of note: Brian purchased our very first laundry detergent last night. It felt really momentous. It was super fun to hear the quiet hum of a dishwasher last night. ALSO, I did our first load of laundry today -- in our house. It was so fun. I hope I never forget the feeling of these upgrades. I don't want to get used to these modern conveniences.

I am so sorry to all my friends - I know I've been tragically unresponsive lately. Moving plus jewelry shows plus the holidays plus work equals a very very busy me.

Photos later of the progression of our new Ballard home!

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